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Welcome, my name is Emma Hall and I am one of the first Biofield Tuning practitioners in Europe, trained directly with Eileen McCusick. I offer sessions in person or at a distance worldwide and have a therapy practice based in the United Kingdom.

Biofield tuning is a simple, efficient and non-invasive therapy that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield that surrounds the human body. It induces very effective deep targeted relaxation and healing. I also hold qualifications in Reflexology, Spiritual Response Therapy and NAET. I teach dowsing and using tuning forks/sound for health and wellbeing, facilitate healing for people, animals and spaces.

Session cost £45

Conditions that may be improved by Biofield Tuning

Pain Anxiety Adrenal stress Digestive issues Menstrual issues Depression Fibromyalgia Addiction Fear/phobias Panic attacks Vertigo PTSD Migraines/headaches Restless leg syndrome “Stuckness” And much more…

Please note that Biofield Tuning is not intended to be used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is Biofield Tuning a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services.

According to the physics principles of resonance and entrainment the sound produced by the tuning forks will resonate with whatever distortion or dysfunction is present in the body and its field, and then, through the production of a stronger, more coherent frequency, they entrain the body into a more coherent expression as well.

Tuning forks produce overtones and undertones which interface, like sonar with the acoustic waves that are coming off the body. The tuning fork almost acts as a decoder and allows the therapist to locate areas of noise in the signal. These pockets of "noise " could be described as being like nodes or eddies sitting in the standing waves within the biofield. It appears that these areas of distortion may relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes.

These dissonant sound waves may relate to a dysfunctional system and can be located in the field, then through application of sound for a period of time in this space – which may be as far as five or more feet away from the body –the body may have the ability to self-regulate out of the noise and into a more harmonious expression. Through working with clients on a regular basis I have witnessed that using this targeted sonic-induced relaxation there can be profound outcomes with a reduction in anxiety, discomfort, and other distresses right on the table and further improvements and other benefits unfolding in the days following a session. Depending on the individual results can be both short term as well as long term and even permanent. Multiple sessions give a cumulative effect and a minimum of three sessions is generally recommended but not required.

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